I started the ‘Maven' blog series when I was 18 as a way to keep in touch with family and friends while documenting my escapades in new cities.  I didn't even really know what a blog was back then. In retrospect, this word world has been my most constant companion as life changes and swirls around me.

Matterhorn Maven, Manhattan Maven and Massachusetts Maven (while mouthfuls to say), feel like cozy blankets and indelible reminders of moments in time.

Maven is an old yiddish word that means "an expert or connoisseur."  In the different corners of the earth I found myself occupying, I was always struggling to figure everything out as I went. I was never truly an expert or a connoisseur (and never trying to be) so I love the informality of the word and how it kind of pokes fun at that. Alliterations also make me happy so it helped that the "M" theme translated from continent to continent, country to country and city to city. 

Manhattan Maven

New York, New York

I first started blogging back in 2008 to document my escapades as a NYC intern for Elizabeth Arden. Thus, the (first) brainchild Manhattan Maven was born.

Matterhorn Maven

Geneva, Switzerland

Three New York summer internships, an exchange semester in Hong Kong and an Ivey undergraduate degree later, I was hired full-time by Elizabeth Arden and moved to their European Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland in July 2011. Matterhorn Maven was the continuation of my journey from internship to full-fledged career.

Manhattan Maven (x2)

NEW YORK, New York

After two years in Geneva working in Skincare Marketing for EA, I transferred to the New York office to join their Celebrity & Designer Global Fragrances team. My career had come full circle since my days as an 18-year-old intern. Manhattan Maven (V2) documented that reel in time.

Massachusetts Maven

Boston, Massachusetts

In keeping with the alliteration, the blog name Massachusetts Maven kind of chose itself.

Throughout all of the years, my dream of dreams has been to be a writer. I love putting pen to paper and watching the web words weave. The emotions they stir up. The deep layers they uncover. 

I never really thought I could be a writer, I just knew it was something I liked to do once in awhile.  One day the little voice in my head became so overpowering that I knew I had to make a shift. I recently completed my master's degree in journalism at Harvard in hopes of figuring out where I fit in this whole ‘writing’ realm.

It's a humbling journey with an infinite horizon.  

Thanks for reading,