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I love to travel and research the best things to do in each city by scouring the internet and pouring over travel books (haha, I’m old school) but it can sometimes be a tedious task weeding through all of the sponsored content (did those people actually love that hotel or did they just get a free stay?)

I’ve found that the best way to discover the coolest spots and hidden gems around the world tend to come from recommendations, tips and itineraries from trusted pals, or friends of friends, who’ve already been there. After my trip, I update my curated itinerary with new places I might have found along the way and star the recommended ones that were worth the hype!

Below you’ll find my personal travel guides. I try to upload a few new ones every month. At the bottom, you can download a free, printable, one-page PDF version of the itinerary to print or e-mail. It’s everything you actually want to know about what TO DO, where to STAY, EAT, DRINK, BRUNCH, and most importantly find COFFEE, all in one simple list (curated by an actual human, not #sponsored). These are what I would send my friends and family looking for travel recos, so since we're all one big, happy, cyber family, I thought I'd share the wealth with all of you!

I would love it to become a mutual conversation - so please do let everyone know what YOUR fav places are if you’ve travelled to any of the spots below! Leave your top tips and recos in the comments at the bottom of each travel guide.