Louise Johnson

Louise Johnson is a Toronto-based writer and visual storyteller.  Currently finishing her first book, she's an old soul who collects typewriters, sends snail mail, and weaves words with nomadic notions and nostalgic nods. 

With an undergraduate degree from The Ivey Business School and a master's degree from Harvard University, Louise studied and worked in Hong Kong, Switzerland, New York, and Boston before moving to Toronto. 

Her work has appeared in The Huffington PostThe Toronto Star, Darling Magazine, Hayo MagazineThe Boston Day Book, and more.  Louise has also been featured in collaborations with companies such as Glamping Hub, Freeman's Collective, and Stiegl

Meet Lenny, an article for Normale Magazine, received recognition by writer, director, and actress Lena Dunham along with Jennifer Konner, co-showrunner for the HBO series Girls and co-creator of online publication, Lenny Letter.

She previously worked as a Digital Strategist at Vander Brand in Toronto where she was a keynote speaker at BDO and CIBC's 2016 National Conference on "Building Your Brand with Social Media."  

Prior to that she cultivated successful 360-degree cosmetic, skincare, and fragrance campaigns as a Marketing Manager at Elizabeth Arden in Switzerland and New York.  

For inquiries or simply to say hello, send electronic mail to: louiseclairejohnson@gmail.com
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my purpose with this little place in cyberspace:

chase creativity

I think everyone should have a little creative outlet. Something that warms the heart and stirs the soul. Something that you do for you, and no one else. This virtual nook is mine. A place for me to house adventures (big and small), random thoughts (coherent and incoherent), and memories (moving and still).

enjoy the Little Things

As my wise owl parents always say, “Life's tough enough. You’ve got to look to the simple things in life to make you happy.” Scribbling in my notebook, being a voracious bookivore, sending snail mail, collecting typewriters, tickling the ivories, capturing moments (in words, photographs and film), discovering new music (while heavily rotating the oldies), watching documentaries, C O F F E E (and coffee shops), wearing hats (they make me feel adventurous), stumbling upon hidden gem restaurants/watering holes, and exploring the earth's nooks and crannies, are just a few of the little things that make me cosmically happy.  

nestle in nostalgic notions

Hopefully, when I’m old and grey, and the blogosphere is considered an ancient relic, I'll be able to look back on these memories burrowed away in notebooks and this online oasis and think “ah, those were the golden years" (soft Bowie shout out). For now, I'm content to collect moments, experience life, and dwell in the present. It's a lovely place to be.