Life Lately // June 2017

Louise Johnson

Back in April, I vowed to write a monthly "Life Lately" post because in the wise words of Ferris Bueller:

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop to look around once in awhile, you could miss it." 

Well, I let May slip by without stopping to document random things/thoughts (I guess that's a good sign that I was enjoying the busyness of life)  - I'm FINALLY feeling 100% human again (after a bad bout of flu), so I'm playing "catch up" on everything that I put on hold while I was sick.  

A couple things that I want to take stock of this month : 

  • I NEVER WANT TO TAKE MY HEALTH FOR GRANTED AGAIN! I know it sounds dramatic but lying in a dark room, alone, semi-hallucinating with a fever and falling in and out of consciousness made me vow to treat myself properly once I finally felt better. I haven't had coffee or alcohol for weeks (coffee is my ultimate vice) and even now the thought of ingesting all of that acid is off-putting. I'm drinking more water than I ever have and the past few days I've woken up feeling SO CLEAR. My brain is less foggy and my gut feels less toxic (from the inside out). I know that I will DEFINITELY start introducing coffee and alcohol back into my diet (HELLO SUMMER) but this has been a good reminder to treat my body like a machine and fuel it properly as often as possible

  • My boyfriend and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary (we met at our mutual friends' wedding in Niagara on the Lake last June) so fun excuse to re-create our triple threat first date (Bellwoods Brewery - Odd Seoul - Bang Bang Ice Cream) He makes me really happy so definitely a monthly highlight

  • NORWAY BAY - I've had the luxury of spending some glorious writing weeks up there and it's rejuvenated my soul like no othaaaa

  • KICKBALL starts up again for the summer (we are defending league champions hahaha !!!) and playing on the U of T field as the sun sets gives me a newfound LOVE for Toronto every Monday night

  • I really liked "The Stranger in the Woods" by Michael Finkel (latest book club pick) - it's been awhile since I tore through a book that fast! Fascinating character...

  • The podcast: My Favorite Murder


    • My friends Tasha and Cam had the most beautiful engagement party in "The Library Room" at the Royal Canadian Military Institute in Toronto on June 3. Separate posts with pics from that fun night to come!

    • My pal / ol' roomie from Western (LISA) got engaged and is getting married at a private villa in Italy this September (THE MOST WHIMSICAL AND ROMANTICAL !!!)

    • This coming weekend I'll be celebrating my friend Gill's Bridal Shower (2/5 of the bridesmaids are flying in from B.C. and Scotland so we're making a full weekend out of it). We're bringing "Muskoka to Toronto" for the theme and my insanely talented friend Lexi (of Paper & Poste) made these incredible invitations for it:

Bridal Shower Invitations - Paper and Poste - Toronto

Lastly: an update on ThirdHome's "BEST JOB ON THE PLANET"  :

  • Since we last spoke: I was a semi-finalist (narrowed down to about 100 from 17,000 applicants)

  • On May 9th: I received this encouraging e-mail letting me know that I was still in the running

  • On June 1st: I received this discouraging e-mail letting me know that I was not one of the final 14

  • I was bummed for a hot minute but mostly just relieved to finally know one way or another instead of holding my breath in limbo. You can view / vote for the finalists here ! Thanks again for your support in the semi-final round!! You guys are da best :D That silly ol' cliché "when one door closes, another opens" always seems to be true so I'm happy to say I've got some exciting projects just around the riverbend so overall everything worked out as it should.

More posts and pics to unload onto this little blog of mine in the coming weeks. I'm backlogged with photos from trips to New York (for my sister's birthday), Halifax (for the boyf's birthday), Norway Bay, and Toronto events/places.  Purging them on here helps keep me organized :) 

Two weeks until CANADA DAY (holy toledo) !!  June, I barely knew ya !