UPDATE: Best Job on the Planet Semi-Finals

Louise Johnson

Hi! I hope everyone had a HOPPY EASTER.  I just wanted to provide a quick update on THIRDHOME's "The Best Job on the Planet" dream job and where I am in the process.


THIRDHOME, a Nashville-based luxury home rental service went "viral" when they announced that they were looking to hire a storyteller to create content in the form of words, photos, and film for their exotic properties. The 3-month position pays $10,000 USD a month with all travel expenses included. 

Here's a great CN Traveler article describing the job: http://www.cntraveler.com/story/thirdhome-will-pay-you-10k-a-month-to-stay-in-luxury-homes-around-the-world

After submitting a 1-minute video, I received confirmation that I made it to round 2 as a semi-finalist out of over 17,000 applicants.

I have completed and sent off my application for the next round and should hear back by mid-May whether or not I get to advance to the finals.  I really appreciate all of your support so far!  Part of the round 2 application included "social reach/followers" so thank you to everyone who followed, shared, or liked my social accounts. 

There are some amazing candidates left (some with over a million Instagram followers) so I'm just happy to still be a contender.  It would be a dream to advance so we shall see how it goes.  

I'll keep you posted as I hear more.  For now, I'm celebrating the completion of the intense application with some homemade tacos and a beer!